Leeds City College

Leeds City College

Leeds City College has subcontracted on the SFA/ESF funded FFFUI contract with Blue Apple Training since August 2014, in both the Yorkshire and Humber and South Yorkshire regions.

Blue Apple’s engagement, retention and success rates are extremely impressive, resulting in the high 90s percentile. They have consistently delivered to their maximum contract values in the region resulting in variations to the contract values, in order to ensure the participants are able to enrol to the programmes and gain the knowledge and training required for employment.

In addition to their performance, to date, the request for due diligence evidence and other relevant documentation, has always been met and approved without delay or concern.

Blue Apple continues to meet the high standards of the college and submit all paperwork to deadlines ensuring the continuing success of the contract.

I would highly recommend them as a partner/sub-contracter for any future funding opportunities.

– Sylvia Sedgwick, Project Manager (Flexible Funding for Unemployed Individuals