Nexus Telecommunications

Nexus Telecommunications

Nexus is a communications solutions provider with an aim to provide the UK’s businesses with cost-effective telecommunications supported by excellent customer service. Nexus understands the importance of quality customer care and is on hand to ensure products and services deliver in every respect. By doing so, the business has grown a loyal and diverse customer base across the SME 50, SME 250 and corporate market sectors.

The immediate need was identified as Fire Warden training, this was delivered, everyone passed and received their certificates.

Due to business growth, a need was identified for an office apprentice to help within the business service department & to help with general admin duties. This learner was recruited from our work skills learners, he had been identified as a strong candidate by his tutor, he is still there now & progressing well.

Within the team that the apprentice was placed, a need was identified to upskill the existing staff delivering a mixture of management, & business admin qualifications. We currently have 6 employees completing these qualifications.

As the company has continued to grow, they required more support in the business development team, it was agreed that they would recruit apprentices who would buddy up with each business development executive and they would complete customer service qualifications incorporating the  sales based units. This process is working so well that we are still recruiting for more and Nexus are looking at having this as their business process ongoing and that all executives will be recruited/promoted from within.

The Operations Manager is also completing a level 5 management qualification to help with strategic management and business processes and to show the company commitment to learning & development.