Success Story – Oliver Youngs

From Rock Bottom to Team Leader.

In December 2016, Oliver successfully completed a Workskills course with Blue Apple. At the time, he was facing eviction, struggling with anxiety and depression, and had been dropped from his work as a model due to him having a problem with his eye.

Oliver said that he had hit rock bottom, and thought his life was over before it had begun. He was massively self-conscious and very shy, he struggled to make friends and felt his dyslexia was holding him back.oliver-and-jim

During the course at Blue Apple, Jim worked with Oliver to overcome his doubts and to change his outlook on life. “Jim taught me to change my entire attitude to life and my work ethic, he made me think positively and boosted my confidence.”

“Jim told me that I should follow my dreams and continue with my Hobbies in my spare time, I wanted to be a music producer. “

A short time later, Oliver left Blue Apple with a new CV and a new outlook on life. He had an operation to correct his vision and started working as a silver service waiter. He decided he wanted to challenge himself more and he now works as a sales executive, giving presentations to companies in boardrooms all over the country, a job he would never have dreamed of before meeting Jim.

Oliver will soon be promoted to Team Leader, a promotion he has worked hard for. His confidence in himself and his abilities has greatly improved and he never forgot what Jim taught him about following his dreams.

In his spare time, Oliver now works with Music Producers around the UK, travelling the UK, recording Music and meeting new artists. He is living his dream and says it is thanks to Jim from Blue Apple training for seeing something in him that he did not see himself and for believing in him from day one.

“Thank you for everything, I will be back again with more chocolate in the near future!”